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What is 0shared?

Much can be said about 0shared but what is mostly important - it is a large and absolutely free storage for any sorts of files. Clear and simple rules work here: if you"ve got files you want to share, just upload them to 0shared, and the world will get to know about them.

• Free music collection
Here you can enjoy music compositions. 0shared gives you an excellent opportunity to store your music files here and share them with others. Join our community of music lovers just now to flow with the music and make our shared music collection even more complete and exciting.

• Free photo albums
Free unique 0shared photo collection on any topic are waiting for you. Portraits, landscapes and funny pictures, random shots and entire works of photo art are all available just now. Browse our photo gallery and be sure to find photos interesting just for you. Besides, with 0shared, it is so easy to share your photos with other people.

• Free video-archive
Movies and video films from amateur and professional producers are stored right here! In the 0shared exclusive video archive it is so easy to find your favourite movie and enjoy it online or from your computer. By the way, if you have a video camera and are fond of filming in our video-archive we are sure to find space for your video materials. Join us just now!

• Free E-library
For readers 0shared E-library is open 04 hours a day and 0 days a week! Here you can find various books that other readers from around the world shared with you. You can also put your own e-books on the virtual book shelves to make them available for others. Another cool feature of 0shared E-library is its being extremely spacious!

• Free game store
Excitement, thirst for role playing and winning fully capture you as you enter the virtual world of a computer game, so you are a real gamer! And that means you will surely appreciate the 0shared free collection of computer games. Its creators are gamers from around the world who share the most exciting and thrilling games with you. By the way, the computer games from your personal collection will also find their place here!

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